3 Easy & Healthy Desserts

How often have you been made to feel guilty about indulging your sweet tooth for “no apparent reason” by the people around you? More than a few times? Us too!

Eating dessert doesn’t mean you have little or no self-control. It only means that you have a good sense of what you like and that you have what it takes to honour these cravings - so really, bravo for knowing what you want! While we don’t need a reason to eat desserts, switching to a healthier alternative is a great way to both indulge and stay on track with your health and wellness goals.

So, instead of denying yourself the object of your affection, make these three recipes and continue to enjoy what makes you happy!

Favourite Delicious Easy & Healthy Desserts:

No-Bake Lemon Cookie Tarts

A delicious, easy to make, and healthy dessert is the No-Bake Lemon Cookie Tart

A sinful summer treat that you won't have to feel guilty about! Minimalist Baker’s No-Bake Lemon Cookie Tarts is only 8 ingredients and oh so delicious! This small but mighty dessert has a date-walnut crust and a creamy, tangy filling. Trust us, it’s so good that you won’t be able to tell it’s vegan and gluten-free!  

Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies

A favourite easy to make and healthy dessert is actually a classic - peanut butter cookies

Honestly, we love peanut butter so much we often eat it out of the container...but, don't tell anyone! This recipe by The Healthy Maven is perfect for the peanut-buttered crazed person in your life. They only take 25 minutes to make and only require three ingredients, so you can make it any time you get a craving!

Healthy Vegan Fudge

The Healthy Vegan Fudge has become a fast favourite healthy dessert

If you’re a chocolate lover, than the Minimalist Baker’s Healthy Vegan Fudge recipe is for you! Don’t let the word “vegan” fool you. These are delicious, and you won’t even be able to tell it’s a healthier version of the classic fan favourite! Not a fan of one of the ingredients? We love how it offers healthy alternatives for all ingredients!

So whether you love lemon, peanut butter, or chocolate, we highly recommend you try one (or all) of these recipes. Not only will they satisfy your sweet tooth you also won’t feel guilty after, either!

Tried a similar recipe or one of the above? Let us know what you think in the comments below!