5 Fun Family Day Activities

February 19th is approaching and you know what that means, Family Day activities! Family Day is more than just a long weekend, it’s a day to spend with the ones closest to you. Life is busy and quality time is not always easy, so here are 5 ways you and your family can connect and bond this Family Day.

Movie Marathon

Popcorn for a family day movie in your wonderfully designed homePajamas and relaxation, is there a better way to spend Family Day? We think not. Our lives are busy lives and we often don’t have time to relax let alone relax with the ones we love. Sure, movies aren’t the ideal time for conversation but sometimes enjoying a movie together in silence is the perfect form of bonding. Get cozy, enjoy your favourite treat, and watch a movie or two...trust us it’s just what the doctor ordered!

Indoor Picnics

Is there a better way to spend family day activities this February than with an indoor picnic?

Change up your conventional family table meals by having an indoor picnic! This will create a sense of fun and connection all while emulating an outdoor picnic, a great way to temporarily forget about winter. So, bust out your best blankets, cook together and more importantly clean together, and enjoy a fun twist on a table meal this Family Day.

Put Away the Technology

Spend time with your family and design the day by putting away the technology

For most of us technology rules our day so for Family Day we recommend shutting it off, we know it seems impossible but hear us out. Often when engaging in conversation we are removed. It’s not that we mean to be but we can’t always help it as technology is always readily available. So, whether you lock your phones away in a drawer or turn off your Wi-Fi, the disconnection of technology and the connection with your family could be the best thing to ever happen to you and yours!

Throw a Themed Party

Family day is in February so why not shake up the home decor by turning the inside into summer?There’s always that one person in the family that loves a themed party, so cater to them by throwing a summer themed party guaranteed to shake the winter blues. You may have some hesitant party invitees but once the party gets started we can ensure you they will love it. Ask your guests to make their best summer dish, provide a themed beverage, and transform the space into the perfect summer getaway. Your party will be exactly what your guests didn’t know they needed.

Learn Something New Together

Spread family day throughout the year by creating something fun that will liven up your interior designFamily Day shouldn’t be limited to one day so this year learn something new as a family that you can practice and perfect together over time. This new venture can foster better communication, bring you closer as a family, and most importantly allow for some fun! Our suggestions are learning how to paint, learning how to sew, or learning a new recipe.