5 Tips for Hosting a Patio Party

Today, I’m excited to be here, sharing tips on how to make sure that your patio is ready for hosting those incredible summer get-togethers! Here in Canada, our summers aren’t very long, so we definitely love to make the most of them!

Beverage and Food

When it’s hot out, you definitely want to ensure that your guests have enough beverages to enjoy and to keep them hydrated. Tuck a “beverage station” off to the side, where guests can easily help themselves to delicious drinks. A crate covered with a sheet or tablecloth is a great substitute for a bar cart if you don’t have one, as seen here.

sangria and glasses make the the patio ready for a party

Add some lemons, limes or frozen fruit to some sparkling water for a refreshing drink! Buckets filled with ice will help to keep other beverage options cool in the heat.

I prefer to keep the menu simple (but delicious!) when we are hosting backyard parties. A light pasta dish (with extra so that guests can help themselves) will ensure that everyone is full. Fruit and vegetable platters, appetizers and the like (made beforehand so that you too can sit out!) can easily be left out for guests to munch on throughout the evening. I love to have everything set out on the table when we are having a less formal get together.

a plate of fruit and a bowl of cheese sit patiently on the table of a successful patio party


When the sun goes down and the temps begin to drop ever so slightly, blankets will ensure that people stay warm. Drape one or two on the backs or sides of chairs, and have a basket filled with blankets so that guests can easily reach over to grab one if needed.

blanket hangs off chair in preparation for a cold patio party guest


This is definitely one of those times when it’s completely ok to have your phone on hand, because everyone loves to listen to a great patio playlist! Take the time to put a playlist together before your guests arrive and keep the music going all night!

bowls of cheese await the patio party guests so they can be eaten


Layer a variety of lighting options to ensure that everyone can see each other once the sun has gone down! Candles scattered throughout the space (don’t forget to place a few on the beverage cart and table) and patio lights hanging from a pergola or fence will help to create a comfy space for hanging out all evening long!

christmas lights hang on the fence of one of the best patio parties in the history of the world


Bring colour and fragrance to your entertaining area by placing potted plants in a few corners on your patio. They help to brighten up the space, and create a comfy and cozy atmosphere. You can also clip a few flowers from the garden to decorate and finish off your tablescape.

red chair sits next to red flowers at an amazing patio party

Consider the placement of your seating - make it so that it’s easy for everyone to take part in the conversation. You can achieve this by placing chairs all around the table or the fire pit. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the beautiful summer night and amazing company!

Happy hosting!

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