Finding the perfect coffee table can be like searching for a needle in a haystack: the options are endless and at the very least, overwhelming. Your options range from marble with a metal base, live-edge with hairpin legs, oversized reclaimed wood parsons table – see what I mean? Below are 3 tips for finding that perfect coffee table.

1. Start with your furniture and save the table for last.

  • Your coffee table should fit your furniture like a glove – this is where most people make a mistake. It needs to flow with the colour scheme, style, and vibe of the room.
  • There ideally should be 18 inches of space between the edge of your upholstery and the edge of your table – far enough to stretch out your legs but close enough to grab your drink or magazine, which definitely shouldn't be a bother.
  • Height is key and varies greatly depending on upholstery height. The table should be 1-2 inches lower than seat height, but consider lifestyle as well – a higher table makes entertaining a breeze.

2. Juxtaposition is important.

  • Try to look for balance in style between your upholstery and table. If your sofa is more plush or oversized, pair it with a glass or marble table top that has a finer base, which won’t add visual weight. If your sofa is more streamlined, try an oversized wood table to balance it out.

Pictured above: Shop the Soho Round Cocktail Table here.

3. Consider your lifestyle.

  • Have young children? Opt for a round, rustic wood table, if it fits your layout. No sharp corners and the already-distressed wood will be very forgiving of knicks and scratches. Entertain a lot? Try a rectangular or glass shelved table. You don’t have to worry about wine or food stains as they can be easily wiped up and you have extra storage with the shelf below.

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