Brighten Up a Room with these 4 Pieces

Lightening up a dark or small room has the opportunity to make a space instantly more appealing. But if knocking down walls or adding windows isn’t an option to bring in more natural light, then adding brighter accessories or furniture pieces might just be your best option! Not only is it relatively inexpensive, it is also quite simple and can dramatically enhance both the look and feel of a room. Below are our top four picks for furniture pieces and accessories that will transform and brighten any room!

Consider a White Couch

Don’t be afraid of white couches. The light colour helps brighten your living space, making small areas feel more open and elegant. When designing around a white sofa, you can either keep the entire room neutral and calm or add bright pops of colour to liven up the room.

Still scared of spilling on a white couch? Have no fear. With options like iClean™, a stain-resistant fabric that repels spills before they turn into stains, white couches have never been more appealing! 

A basic white couch does wonders to brighten up a dark room

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Throw Pillows

Throw pillows may seem pointless to some (ahem, husbands!), but they do serve a decorative purpose. Throw pillows serve as art in a room, so if you need a statement piece, then this is an easy way to add drama, colour, and character to your living space. The best part? They’re small and interchangeable, allowing you to switch them up each season without taking up too much storage space or eating up your budget!

To brighten up a dark room, throw pillows add drama, colour, and character
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Accent Chairs

Sometimes white is well, too white. An easy way to brighten a room with a neutral palette is with a chic, standout accent chair.  An accent chair is an ideal way to add texture and dimension to any space. Not only do they provide extra seating but they are also a great way to add a new silhouette, style reference, or colour to any room. There’s an accent chair out there for everyone and every style.

To brighten up a dark room with a neutral palette can be done with a standout accent chair

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White Rugs

Just like white walls, a white rug looks sharp against dark furniture and will immediately brighten up a room. A white carpet will not only add texture to a room, but it will also draw the eye to different elements of the room, unlike a darker rug. Rugs can set the tone for a room so if you are looking to brighten up your space we suggest starting with this! If you’re scared of an all-white rug, we don’t blame you. Look for an option with a print that appeals to your personality and matches the style throughout your home.

A white rug will do wonders to brighten up a dark room
Image Source: Pinterest