How to Choose the Right Drapery for Your Window

So you've chosen your living room design, you've been to La-Z-Boy and purchased a beautiful sofa and matching chairs, and your purchases have been delivered. Now that you have your new beauties placed in the room, the next step is to complement them with some drapery. Let's face it, custom drapery is not in everyone's budget and that’s OK.  Get some pretty tab panels from your local home décor store. But beware! The biggest mistake in  home decorating routinely happens at the window.

It’s true. Most people hang the rod in the wrong place above the window and leave too little on the sides to give your window a proper frame, while allowing the whole window to let light in.

You can avoid these mistakes and make your friends jealous with a few simple tips from La-Z-Boy's free In-Home Design Pros.

First, GET THE HEIGHT RIGHT. (The rod height that is.)

  • The rod should be placed halfway between the top of the window casing (the trim around the outside) and the ceiling.
  • If you are lucky to have crown moulding, measure from the bottom of the crown moulding. Half way. Not 3/4's. Not level with the casing. Half way in between! Good.
  • Now let's get the width right.

Second, GET THE WIDTH RIGHT. (But we already said that.)

  • In order to get a professional looking, nicely hung drapery, you must give the window a wide berth.
  • Measure the window across from the outside of the casing to the outside of the casing.
  • Now, take that measurement and multiple by 1.5. Then you will have your proper rod width.
  • For example, if the window size across the casing is 36", multiply 36 x 1.5 = 54". Your rod should be 54" across.

Now off you go. Hang your beautiful new drapery and let that fabric frame out and complement your other stunning purchases from La-Z-Boy.