Creating a Budget For a Room Design Makeover

Do you finally have time to give that guest room a makeover, but are worried about money? Fear not! The trick to giving rooms in your home an interior design makeover for less is creating and sticking to a budget. We’ve got five foolproof tips that will get your space from drab to fab in no time. Trust us, your home and wallet will thank us!

Start a Mood Board

Before you can even begin thinking about heading to the store, you need to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for! With hundreds of styles, colours, and trends to choose from, it can be overwhelming to start a room makeover. That’s where our trusted pal, Pinterest, swoops in to save the day. Start a mood board on Pinterest and pin absolutely everything that catches your eye. When you go back and scroll through, you’ll see a pattern of which styles you continued to gravitate towards, and voila, you’ve got an idea of what you want your room to look like.

Build out a design mood board to get your mind flowing on home decor

Create a Wish List

Now that you’ve established an overall vibe to your space, it’s time to create a wishlist of items to make the dream a reality. Before you begin scouring the Internet in search for the perfect items, look at what you already have. Have an old coffee table that you can refinish and paint yourself? What about that painting you bought but never had anywhere to put it? Look for things you already have that fit the style criteria. Once you’ve done that, create a wishlist of key items that will bring the look together.

Make a design wish list to decide what decor items are priority

Research and Compare

Next up, research! Put your savvy shopping skills to the test by researching and comparing the items on your wishlist. Look for deals, special promotions, and sales to get the most bang out of your buck. Once you get an idea of the price of each item on your wishlist, you’ll know when you’ve found a good deal. This is also a good time to set a firm budget. Clear boundaries will keep you from splurging.

Look for buying opportunities of your decor wish list when the price is right

Plan and Save

Now that you’ve got your wishlist, budget, and research out of the way, you can start planning and saving. Plan for the ideal time to purchase the items, and then set saving goals for yourself in the time leading up. Slowly putting money away will get you that dream room makeover before you know it!

Plan, plan, plan your way through the room design

Adjust as Necessary

Sometimes plans don’t always go the way we want them to, and that’s okay. Life happens and unexpected things come up. Adjust your plan as necessary and make sacrifices where you need to. With some planning, hard work, and DIYing, you can make it happen.

Be willing to have your design plans changed and shuffled

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