DIYs for Your Backyard

It’s safe to say that you are most likely spending more time outside in your backyard now that summer is here. That is why we have listed some of our favourite DIYs for your backyard to elevate it to the next level.

Fire Pit

white chairs in a circle around a campfire in the backyard

Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean that you have to pack it in and head inside. Consider building a fire pit in your backyard too for some summer fun that can be enjoyed day or night! The DIY Network has an easy to follow DIY on how to build your own fire pit that is not only safe but fashionable. Then all you will need to do is grab yourself some lawn chairs, a few sticks, and a bag of marshmallows.

Image credit: Style Me Pretty




Garden Walkway

garden walkway winds down the path

Make the most of your garden by adding a walkway through or around it. A garden walkway can expand the scenic value of your garden as well as create a walkway that is not safe not only for you but for your plants as well. The Spruce has a detailed list of what you will need to build your own walkway as well as all the steps you will need to take.

Image  credit: Home Edit





white treehouse that isn't technically on a tree

Add a fun and safe place for kids to play in your backyard with a one of a kind treehouse. Creating a play space to call their own is the perfect way to encourage more outside activities. Keep it simple or customize with additional features such as swings and slides, no matter what the outcome your kids will love it! Build one of these today in your backyard with the full DIY tutorial by Popular Mechanics.

Image credit: TPS Home Decor




Brick Pizza Oven

woodfire oven cooks with fire burning confidently

If you are anything like us, you will find there is nothing quite like a crispy Neapolitan pizza fresh out of the oven! Unfortunately, most kitchen ovens are unable to reach the 800 degrees required to bake one of these to perfection. By building your very own brick oven pizza oven you will be able to whip up restaurant-quality pizzas in no time at all. Just be ready to host a lot more outdoor dinner events once your friends find out! The DIY Network covers what you will need in order to build your own today.

Image credit: BrickWood Ovens



Raised Vegetable Garden

beautiful vegetable garden with peas and more

If you haven’t already it’s about time you “elevate” your vegetable garden to the next level with this simple tutorial by This Old House. A raised vegetable garden is a practical way to develop your green thumb without getting down and dirty. Arranging your vegetable garden into to elevated boxes not only looks visually appealing and helps with organization but it also keeps you out of the dirt as well.

Image credit: The Idea Room



With the right amount of elbow grease and dedication almost any backyard project from little to big can be done yourself. What backyard DIYs have you done at home? Share in the comments below and post a picture of the results!