4 Pieces of Furniture You Must Watch The Big Game On

This year, it’s time to go the distance by hosting a game day party guests will be talking about until next season's opening-day. Your snacks and beverages are bought, your friends are all coming over, and the only thing that is missing for February 4th is enough seats to accommodate the crowd. Let’s be real, aside from the food and drinks, a high priority on Sunday is being comfortable. So, whether you’re a Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots fan, watching the big game on these 4 pieces of furniture will guarantee that your party and home decor is a hit, win or lose.

The Makenna Duo® Reclining Sofa

Both modern and comfortable, the Makenna Duo® Reclining Sofa is a must for your party. This sofa has clean lines, dipped track arms, welt details, rich wood legs and can fit three guests with ease. The only downfall is that the sofa reclines so your guests may never leave.

Makenna Duo Reclining Sofa takes all the game day ups-and-downs like a champion

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The Allegra Premier Stationary Occasional Chair

Perfect for one, the Allegra Premier Stationary Occasional Chair is where style and comfort meet. Coming in a wide variety of custom fabrics, there is guaranteed to be a colour or pattern to suit any room. This chair is also perfect for game day and that one party guest who is just there for the snacks, because in this chair they won’t be bumping arms with the true fans.

The Allegra Premier Stationary Occasional Chair complements the interior and will certainly be used more than occasionally

Shop the Allegra Premier Stationary Occasional Chair now: http://bit.ly/2nkRyOl

Rowan Loveseat

With customization and the ultimate form of relaxation, the Rowan Loveseat is perfect for both your party and your home. Choose your desired material, colour, and pattern then be prepared to be astonished by how perfect this loveseat will compliment your room. Your guests will have no reason to get up with a console for their drinks in this reclining loveseat, just make sure after all the food and drinks are consumed that they don’t fall asleep and never leave.

Rowan Loveseat might not see as much love if there are two opposing fans sitting on it in your home

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Cornsilk Weatherford Sofa Table

Aside from being relaxed while watching the game, food is top priority. The Cornsilk Weatherford Sofa Table is the perfect accent for any living room. This table also has two drawers, making it perfect for storage. Holding all of the food and drinks for game day this piece of furniture, besides the TV, will be the centerpiece of the party and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cornsilk Weatherford Sofa Table is a necessary complement to the entire game day decor

Shop the Cornsilk Weatherford Sofa Table now: http://bit.ly/2rNyInH