How to Keep Your La-Z-Boy Furniture in Great Condition

Now that you have your beautiful new sofa, loveseat and chairs home from the showroom, what is the best way to keep your La-Z-Boy furniture clean and in good condition? Here are some tips to keep your favorite pieces looking great for years.

While you can certainly speak to your salesperson about an extended warranty called Magiseal, and you should have already made a great decision about the level of durability that your fabric should have, the important work happens “on the ground”.

  1. If you have leather furniture, be sure to purchase a good leather conditioner and use it frequently. You should wipe down your leather with the conditioner every 6 months to keep it moist, supple and resilient.
  2. Wipe down the furniture frequently with a wet cloth or with cleaner, especially in the warmer months, to keep the leather free of excess body sweat and oils. This will help to prevent any staining or darkening of the material.
  3. For both fabrics and leather, direct sunlight is its worst enemy! Be sure to filter sunlight during the day with adequate drapery or blinds and avoid putting pieces right in a sunny window. The sun will fade even the best-made furniture.
  4. Each pillow and cushion from La-Z-Boy is covered on the interior with a poly bag around the Dacron interior. This feature is important so that the internal filling doesn’t push through to the outside. This should also help to keep your furniture looking great!
  5. Just like the pillows on your bed, a little fluffing goes a long way. Once in awhile, it's important to give those cushions a really good fluffing up. Switch them around in different positions and make an effort to sit in different spots on your sofa. This will help to prevent the cushions from becoming too flat and used, something that will eventually become uncomfortable for you.

Here’s one last tip to really keep your La-Z-Boy furniture looking great. If you get a spot on your fabric, do this:

→      Apply some soap and water.

→      Rub gently with a bristle brush to agitate the dirt.

→      Use a damp cloth with a bit of warm water and wipe the area.

→      Use a hairdryer and DRY THE SPOT IMMEDIATELY.

→      That last step is key! It will prevent you from getting a ring-shaped mark around it.