How To Light Up Your Home With Natural Light

With Autumn approaching, the number of hours of daylight we get each day is becoming increasingly shorter and your home might be feeling a little darker. Take advantage of the free lighting that nature provides us with by following our tips on how to bring the light back into your life and your home!

Ditch The Wood

Switch to glass panelled doors over your typical wooden ones. By ditching the solid panel doors, you will allow much more external light to travel into the house and also from room to room. Not only will glass panel doors increase your natural lighting but it will also add a touch of elegance to any room!


Let It Shine

Avoid using thick or dense materials as blinds or shades around the windows of your home. Thick materials are more likely to block and absorb light. We suggest using light and transparent material that can still allow a lot of light into the room but also allow privacy when needed.

Paint It Light

The paint colour you use in your rooms will make a massive impact on the lighting. Using light shades such as whites and greys will open up the room and help enhance the brightness of any natural lighting available. Avoid using dark paint colours as they will absorb the light rather than spread it.

Bounce It Around

Help spread the light around the room by adding mirrors to your walls. Mirrors have the double effect of not only helping bounce light around the room, but they can also make the room seem much larger than it is. Mirrors are not the only way to bounce the light around, either! Using shiny or reflective decor items can also produce the same effect.

Are there any other methods you like to use to get more light in your home? Let us know in the comments below!