La-Z-boy Sleeper Sofas: I WANT my Guests to be Comfortable!

Let’s face it. We have all had a sleep on a sofa bed that was less than perfect. OK, if we’re really being honest here we can say it was awful. Those thin mattresses and flat beds with a horrible bar running along the middle of your back. Terrible. But rest assured, we feel your pain and have brought about wonderful changes with our La-Z-Boy sleeper sofas.

First of all, ALL La-Z-Boy sofa beds have some standard features that quickly set them apart from the rest. The frames are all made from tubular steel, not flat steel. This helps in the ‘bar in the back’ department. They also have superior springs and tarpaulin material construction to keep things firm and steady. The bottom support bar has a notch out so you won’t get a steel bar to the top of your foot when you are opening the bed. Additionally, all the sofa beds have a quick tilt headrest that allows you to prop up your head for reading or watching TV.

There are 3 types of mattresses and over 15 styles to choose from when you are shopping, depending on how much use you plan to get out of your beds.

For occasional use, you might choose the standard bed and mattress. The ticking is clean and neutral, the mattress has inner springs and while it is thinner than the other mattresses it is good for a nice sleep, once in awhile.

If you really like your house guests and entertain often you might choose the Memory Foam option. This is a new bed and it offers a 2” topper on a 3” high resilience foam base core. These mattresses do take awhile to rebound when they are opened so they are great if you have a bit of time to set up and they work nicely in a warmer room.

If your guests are really extra special, you will want to choose the king of La-Z-Boy sleeper sofa mattresses – the Slumber Air. This provides a 4” inner spring mattress with a 6” air mattress on top. You simply open the bed up, inflate the mattress in 30 seconds by plugging it in and hitting the switch. These have a removable cover and allow for adjustments to specific comfort levels. Your guests will be so happy, they won't ever want to leave!