Reclina-Way : Lay Back and Relax Into This Recliner

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a really comfortable sofa experience, my mind goes immediately to La-z-Boy. Sinking into a plush sofa that hugs my body, pulling that footrest up, and rocking back to watch a movie. In other words….it was paradise! Recently I sat down (ok reclined) with the Interior Design Toronto team at La-z-Boy Furniture Stores in Toronto to discuss the magic behind the mechanism.

Did you know that not all motion furniture is created equal? La-Z-Boy certainly pioneered the mechanisms and it seems there are 3 systems to choose from. While you need to select your style of sofa or loveseat first, there are a number of different options within your style category to choose from.

  1. The “not so” traditional handle mechanism, which is called the Reclina-Way. This system provides the traditional handle lever on the side to activate the footrest. It comes in two wood finishes, light brown and coffee. Did you know, however, that it also comes in a beautiful arc handled brushed nickel? If you are looking for a sleek and contemporary design, this little beauty will certainly raise some eyebrows.
  2. The La-z-Time mechanism is a flush mount handle with a finger latch. This allows you to activate the footrest in a ‘trigger motion’. Don’t worry though; there are a lot of safety features available so the footrest won’t actually shoot out.  All of our recliners have a “broken footrest”  option, where a bar will stop kids and pets from falling through the rest. You can also choose a covered footrest that comes as one full piece. Not even a crumb from your Sunday night dessert will get through that footrest!
  3. The most up and coming mechanism of our sofa is the power system. Any Laz-z-Time system can be power. It allows for infinite settings and a battery backup safety feature. If the power goes out, you can still manage one more motion and get out safely. This mechanism does require a plug so you should check for a plug nearby when you are planning your space.

Another little known but wildly popular feature is the flexing headrest. Have you ever reclined so far you could no longer comfortably see the TV? Fear not. With the flex headrest, your head gets a slight tilt upwards as well. It's pure viewing magic.

Whether you choose the traditional Reclina-Way or the powered La-z-Time feature, you'll want to reserve it early. Highly popular furniture, don't get up once you are settled in - you might just lose your seat!

If you are looking for some inspiration for your interior design, Toronto La-Z-Boy in home design professionals will come to your home for a free design consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect solution that fits your space and budget!

Written by Guest Blogger Kathi Black