Redesigning Your Living Space With La-Z-Boy

two grey sofas sit together for the ultimate living room redesign

When it comes time to purchase new furniture, there are many things to consider: your family lifestyle, pets, and of course, durability.

When I recently had to source new furniture for my living room, I realized just how stressful this could be. There was much to consider, and as new furniture is such a large purchase, I wanted to get it just right.

The space I needed to furnish is a space that is used daily, so comfort and durability were essential. I no longer have children at home, but I do have two large labs, a cat, and two brand new grand babies! So I wanted something that would meet our needs as a family.

window shot of a living room chair

Of course I wanted something beautiful to look at, but also something that would stand up to the abuse I knew it would have to take over time. I also wanted to create my own space and choose materials that appealed to me, not just something that was mass produced.

I looked around and I was happy to see that La-Z-Boy offered everything I was looking for. I had worked with La-Z-Boy of Southern Ontario on different design projects throughout the years and my clients had been very happy with them.  So for me, it was a no brainer to get my furniture through them.

side image of a sofa and a cabinet with christmas decorations

The whole process was rather painless and I ended up getting exactly what I was looking for! They made it easy to shop, and there was no pressure from their sales consultants. They provided information as needed, and I can honestly say they totally eliminated the stress that can come with purchasing an entire new living room set! Being a designer, I knew what I was envisioning and the sales consultant I dealt with was informative and helpful, but not overbearing, which is always appreciated!

There was a large selection of materials to choose from, and I was able to sign them out and take the samples home so I could see them in my space. There was a small deposit for the samples, which was returned to me once I brought them back to the store. I highly recommend taking fabric samples home. Colours are different in various lights, and this will give you a realistic idea of what they will look like in your particular space. Make sure you choose fabrics that will stand up to your situation. I went with a tight woven fabric and had it sealed against stains with La-Z-Boy's Fabric Protection - I wanted that durability. Ensure your fabrics coordinate well with one another by sticking to warm or cool colours; don't mix the two, as the space will feel disjointed. The fabrics I went with all had a warmer undertones.

window shot with chair and messy blanket

I ended up choosing the Solids fabric for the Aberdeen sofa and love seat in Granite, and the Houndstooth pattern for my Cosmopolitan chair and ottoman. The Cosmopolitan chair and ottoman come standard with beautiful platinum nailhead, which I opted to add to the sofa and love seat, as well.

My room came together from there. First was the painting - I chose Behr paint and went with Behr Swiss Coffee as the primary colour, and Benjamin Moore Wish as the accent in the alcove area. These colours were pulled from the beautiful chair. The main walls were painted the Swiss Coffee and the alcove, Wish, in order to accentuate the architectural detail of that space.  Even the cat got in on the fun!


Once the room was painted I put the pieces in place and added the decor. I looked for some bold pieces with colour to add accent to the light walls and pieces that spoke to my character and would make me happy.

In the end, everything came together perfectly, and I can honestly say the process was a pleasant one. I'm looking forward to styling things again after the winter holidays!

living room chair with moose icon and present


image1-1Karan Barton is an Interior Designer and the owner of Inside Out Designs. Since 2007, she has offered full service interior design and decorating services to her clients in Oxford County in Southern Ontario. She effortlessly pairs the old with the new in a fresh and exciting way, both in her own home and for those who seek her expertise.

You can find her on Instagram and at her blog, Designs By Karan.