Tips for Finding Your Own Interior Design Style

If you are unsure what your style is or are not sure what would work well in your home, we’re here to help you find your personal style. With our large selection of fabrics, options you’re bound to find something that works for you, especially with our professional designers to help you along the way!

Classics Revisited

Classics never go out of style which is why they were given that name in the first place. If you want to add some sophistication or maybe some chic pieces to your home then consider some of our timeless styles. With contemporary twist, these pieces combine classic details and traditional silhouettes for looks that keep your home looking on trend year after year.

style found by placing two chairs and a couch in the same living room


Comfortably Casual

If you want your home to feel casual, comfortable and classy, then consider looking into some relaxed looks with natural hues and simple details. Depending on the room and vibe you’re going for, a less sophisticated and more comfortable approach can really help set the mood. Layers of colour, texture and pattern give this room a casual but completely classy look that's meant to be lived in.

finding your style with an orange couch and two chairs in a living room


Family Favourites

Have a family to work with as well? Try keeping it simple by choosing a style that provides not only comfort but enough room for the entire family to enjoy all at once! Just remember that choosing something simple doesn’t mean you are compromising on style!

finding our style with a curved sofa


Modern Retreat

Choosing a modern style is a great way to upgrade the look and feel of a home. The use of clean lines, designer styling and sleek simplicity is a great way to add a little attitude and comfort into your life. A mix of patterns and a bright pop of colour can give otherwise neutral pieces an edge that's modern and fresh, yet still easy to live with.

we found our style with a grey couch and geometric pinkish pillows


Choosing the right style for your home isn’t a task you need to take on alone. At La-Z-Boy, we have design professionals that can help you make the most out of your home. Book an In-Home design consult with one of our designers today!