Tips for Making Your Room Appear Larger

Design Tips for Small Spaces

They say great things come in small packages, but that may not be the case for living spaces. If you're looking to convert your small or cramped space into something a little bigger, we have a few design tips for small spaces that will make your room appear larger than they are.

Go Big

It might sound counterintuitive but using large decor items over small ones is the way to help open up your space. Smaller decor items generally add clutter to a room, but by using large pieces, you are less inclined to add more to your area. When it comes to room decor, keep it simple and go with quality over quantity.

Go big with these design tips for small spaces


Mount Your Shelves

A great way to create more floor space is by using mounted shelves. Keeping your items off the floor and table surfaces will not only help declutter your room, but the shelves can also create the illusion of a larger room. Consider mounting the shelves high up to bring your eyes towards the ceiling which in turn makes the wall appear taller.

Mount your shelves to make your spaces look larger

Show Some Leg

Use furniture that has exposed legs whenever and wherever you can. Open leg furniture is not only trendy, but it will help open up floor space. The gap between the furniture and the floor will allow the light and your eyes to flow throughout the entire room.

Lift things higher by exposing furniture legs

Keep it Light and Bright

Choosing a light paint such as white will go a long way in creating a bright and open atmosphere. The colour will help bounce all the natural lighting in your home illuminating the space, play off of this even more by adding some large mirrors on the wall to help reflect the light even more and create a feeling of more windows.

Keep the small things light with these tips

Draw the Eyes Up

If painted walls aren’t your thing, then consider wallpaper. Using wallpaper can add a sense of depth to a room, as well as height. Choosing a vertical striped wallpaper will draw your eyes from floor to ceiling, elongating the walls and creating the look of a much larger room.

This small space will look large by following simple tips

Hopefully, these design tips for small spaces will help expand not only your horizons but also your favourite spaces. Share with us any photos of your small rooms that you have enlarged, in the comments below!