Using Throw Pillows in Any Room

If we asked you where you would place throw pillows in your home, your initial thought would probably be the bedrooms and the living room. You wouldn’t be wrong with this answer by any means, but that is only half the answer. So grab a seat, cuddle up with a pillow, sit back, and learn how throw pillows have not only a place but a purpose in every room in your home.

Living Room

This likely isn’t news to you, but throw pillows on your living room couch are for more than just resting your head on after a hard day at the office! The pillows are the perfect piece of decor to bring a pop of colour to any space and add contrast to your favourite rooms.. Take full advantage of the size and shape options that are available and find pillows that match colour schemes of other pieces of decor, like wall art or other furniture. Mix things up a bit with both accent and matching pillows to help bring the room together.Throw pillows on your living room couch are for more than just resting your head

Image credit: FASHION.HR

Dining Room

Throw pillows in a dining room might seem like an odd thought at first, but if used correctly it can add a sense of comfort to the room. Whether you have benched seating and want to add some arm support or just want to add a little extra cushion to a chair, a throw will not only act as a decor piece when not being used but also add some added comfort and support. Want to add a little more comfort? Add a thin blanket for added comfort and style.

Throw pillows in the dining room is an unorthodox but natural fitImage credit: 99 Decor Innovation


It would be too obvious to share how to use throw pillows on your bed, as this is an everyday use of them! Instead, add extra comfort and seating in your bedroom by creating a window nook. Depending on your space you can quickly create a quiet place to read a book by adding a couple throw pillows on top of a bench or dresser placed flush against your window. This little window nook will be so welcoming and comfy that you will almost forget about your bed.

Throw pillows add extra comfort and seating in your bedroom by creating a window nookImage credit: Style at Home


Break away from the standard kitchen table and chairs, and make your own breakfast nook. Adding some bench-style seating to your existing kitchen table is a great way to not only cosy-up the kitchen but also create some additional room for guests. A little bench padding and some throw pillows for back support and you will be all set to sip your morning coffee in this cute and comfy nook.

Throw pillows can even be placed in the kitchenImage credit: Blog Lovin


The bathroom is probably the least likely place to use throw pillows in your home but here is a nifty decorative yet functioning use for them. Adding some additional seating to the bathroom that isn’t a toilet is a saving grace. Place a throw pillow or two onto a bench or chair and help tie the room together. Having a place to sit down while you are getting ready is a luxury that everyone should experience.

Tie your bathroom together with throw pillowsImage credit: Houzz

Throw pillows are not meant to be confined to one room, they are versatile and can be used almost anywhere. If there are any rooms that you have at home that we missed, let us know in the comments below.