La-Z-Boy In-Home Design Questions

Will my fabric fade?  Ask the La-Z-Boy In-Home Design professionals.

La-Z-Boy offers a broad line of quality made, fine furniture. When you visit any one of the 9 locations in Southwest Ontario, you will be greeted by a knowledgeable professional sales person that is available to assist you in making your buying decision based on extensive training on all the items that La-Z-Boy carries. We even offer in home design services in the event that you are not sure of what fabrics will complement your purchase and work nicely in your home. All of our fabric is carefully chosen from thousands of options. Our fabric choices are based on look, durability, utility and wear-ability. The fabric on your furniture is the most visible sign of quality and style in your home. We choose tightly woven fabric that will resist wear and soiling.

Before your new furniture arrives we highly recommend that you clear out a space for it and that you make sure that space is protected from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is an insidious destroyer of lovely things. There is very little material on earth that can withstanding hours in direct sunlight without fading. It is important to monitor the area where your chair or sofa will sit to be sure it is protected from direct sunlight with curtains or blinds and that they are pulled closed. If there is a “swath” of light that comes through once a day at a specific time, consider draping a blanket over that patch of fabric to protect your piece.

The content of the fabric you have chosen will impact the way it wears significantly. Cotton, linen, silk and other natural fibres will wear the most easily. Often the most beautiful (and expensive) choice in fabric, natural fibres do require a great deal more care than synthetics. Silk for example, when exposed to sunlight over a period of time, will simply disintegrate. We don’t want that happening! Of course, if you are looking for a natural material that offers the most resistance to wear and tear, leather is always your best option. The quality and variation of leather is wide and best left for another blogging day.

Olefin is a synthetic fabric used widely in outdoor fabric choices. It is one fabric that has no pronounced weakness and is a fantastic choice for fabric that will be heavily used such a sofa in a family room with kids and pets. Give olefin a feel the next time you are in a store. It’s a great product that has really come a long way in the past several years and offers a new level of softness and a fine “hand”.