How to Use Flowers in Your Interior Design

flowers on a living room table

With spring being right about the corner, I’m finding it hard to resist the urge to decorate our home for the upcoming (and very welcomed) season! An easy way to infuse your home with touches of spring is by using flowers. This time of year you’ll find beautiful potted and fresh cut spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and more at your local flower shop and I say, go pick up a few! 

flowers in bottles sitting decoratively on a table
pink flowers in a small pot next to a decorative bowl of oranges

Flowers: An Interior Design Secret

First things first, gather your plant pots and vases so that you can clearly see what you are working with. This will make it will be easier for you to choose which ones will be best for the potted plants and which are best for cut flowers, as well as which work well together for groupings. I love to use not only flowers pots, but anything really that has a closed bottom, bowls, casserole dishes, etc. My absolutely favourite go-to is milk glass and anything vintage!

roses in a vase next to the kitchen sink

yellow flowers in a vase in front of a painting

Once you’ve selected which containers are best for the potted plants, slip the potted plants out of the foil (but keep them in the plastic plant pot) and place them inside the decorative plant container. If your decorative pot isn’t large enough for the plastic pot, don’t be afraid to transfer the plant. I like to add some rocks (I keep some pea gravel on hand for situations like this) in the bottom of the planter and then I gently place the plant on top of the gravel and add extra soil if needed. You may choose to add some moss around the top of the soil of your potted plants for an extra touch!

pink flowers in a vase on top of some magazines

Spread these beautiful (and wonderfully scented) touches of spring throughout your home - they will instantly brighten your day. You may choose to group flowers together for visual impact and to place the more fragrant ones in high traffic areas so that everyone can enjoy!  Of note, hyacinths are very fragrant!

pink flowers in bottles from a side artistic angle

When grouping flowers together, take into consideration their colour. Complimentary colours or various shades of the same colour will look great as a bunch or side by side.  I like to buy a few different bunches of tulips and then I scatter them in groups around the house.  I love how a vase look inside of a glass terrarium, another preferred choice is to place a vase on top of a stack of books.

pink flowers in a glass guard in an apparently beauty and the beast type scenario

roses in a mason jar next to a sofa

Sometimes one single bloom is all you need!  Or pair some spring flowers with greenery or branches, such as seeded eucalyptus (another favourite of mine!). Cut flowers look amazing next to potted plants - vary the height and colours for visual interest.

rose next to lemons in a bathroom

yellow flowers next to roses on a trendy white table

pink flowers in an apothecary bottle

Water your potted plants when the top portion of the soil is dry to the touch, place your cut flowers in fresh water and trim the stems with sharp scissors every couple of days.  Once your planted bulbs have bloomed and the flowers have died off, you can keep the bulbs for the next year or plant them in your garden.

Happy spring decorating!

Jauthorulie is the founder of Elliven Studio. She's currently redecorating her home, pulling together vintage pieces & new pieces, all while focusing on making the interior design of her home welcoming and comfortable....and most importantly, all on a strict budget.

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