How to Spruce Up Your Space for Spring

We may have sprung forward a month ago, but the temperatures outside are definitely saying otherwise. Despite waiting for the temperatures to rebound outside, why not spruce things up inside by adding some seasonal décor to your kitchen to make the new season seem that much closer.

Enjoying a refreshed seasonal spring kitchen decor

Seasonal Spring Kitchen Decor Tips:

Switch Out The Rug

Regardless of your kitchen decor space, you can add some colour and fresh patterns by switching out the rug in your prep area. Whether it’s a runner or even a 2x3 rug, you can inject new life into your space with this budget-friendly swap! Why not opt for something that features the season’s “it” colour: ultra violet.

Swap out the kitchen rug for something a little more spring decor such as ultra violet

Faux Real Flowers

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking! Yes, we’re all familiar with that Miranda Priestly line, but it’s so true! There’s nothing quite like fresh florals for spring to brighten up your kitchen space. Since fresh stems can add up on a weekly basis, why not consider a faux-arrangement or easy-to-maintain options like succulents in colourful pots.

Fresh florals for spring such as the Miranda Priestly line will brighten up your kitchen space

Get Scented!

Still have those pumpkin scented candles lingering from fall? Make a simple switch by changing out your candles from woodsy and musk scents to light and airy scents such as gardenia or citrus inspired tones.

Changing the scent can make a big difference to transition your kitchen towards a spring decor

A Bold Bowl 

An easy way to inject colour into your kitchen is with the fruit bowl. Whether it’s a bright pop of yellow from lemons, blush from grapefruit or a pop of green from artichokes – produce can do double duty in your kitchen as something great to eat on the go and a punchy décor item!

Bright fruit bowls can do double duty in your kitchen as something great to eat on the go and a punchy décor item!

Switch Out Your Cookbooks

From soups and stews to salads and grilling, consider switching out or adding cookbooks in bold colours and with cuisine that you’ll love. Not only do they encourage meal prepping and planning, but they also look great organized within your space.

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